1. Tomorrow, the Republicans are all in Florida preparing for their big debate on CNN. The Democrats are... not.

2. Fred Thompson releases two new ads in Iowa and South Carolina. They emphasize his resume; "Marie" is narrated by the Marie Ragghianti, the Tennessee whistleblower who Thompson ably defended 30 years ago. "Service"'s narrator says Thompson was "called to public service at challenging times." ..... Alan Keyes's Renew America group protests his exclusion from the CNN/Youtube debate. Yes, Keyes is running. Does that make sense?....And "moderate" Republicans plan a weekend gathering in Iowa. .... For the latest on the Club for Growth v. the Huckabee campaign, click here. Huckabee receives plaudits from ONE Vote '08 for "Major Commitment to Fight Global Disease."

3. Babs endorses HRC.....in South Carolina; Clinton unveils list of prominent ministers who've endorsed her campaign; she also unveils aggressive new plan to fight HIV/AIDS; ace New Yorker Ben Smith notices a change of position on the wisdom of federal funding for needle exchanges....Clinton sources in New Hampshire say that Dr. Susan Lynch will be a regular presence on the campaign trail there; when phone bankers at a Clinton house party in NH were informed of her endorsement, they broke into cheers......Obama is endorsed by Waterloo, Iowa state rep. Deb Berry, bringing to 17 the number of legislative endorsements.....Edwards campaign sends around news clip of Obama endorser Jesse Jackson praising Edwards for making poverty a centerpiece of his campaign....Joe Biden counters John McCain on Iraq here.

4. Facebook hires leading Dem and GOP online political consultants to help monetize and expand the site's political appetite. Deal with ABC on presidential debates is said to be the first of many steps...

5. Florida Gov. / possible VP aspirant Charlie Crist submits a question in advance of Wednesday's CNN/YouTube debate in St. Petersburg: would the presidential candidates support a national version of the hurricane catastrophe fund he instituted for Florida?

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