The Daily Five: BO BHO Edition

Note: Las Vegas Dem debate will be liveblogged here.
1. Tomorrow: Rudy Giuliani addresses the Federalist Society in Washington; campaign bills it as major address and notes how many FedSoc luminaries are Rudy supporters; Bush speaks tonight; Hillary Clinton has two town halls in Nevada; Chris Dodd has house parties in Iowa; John McCain stops by Dixville Notch in NH. Bill Clinton is in Manchester. Obama and Giuliani have New Hampshire bus tours next week.

2. Mitt Romney's internal polling confirms a Huckabee rise in Iowa... a new KCCI poll of IA Dems shows a virtual dead heat between Clinton and Obama with John Edwards right outside the 5 point margin of error. Clinton's brain trust believes the polls overstate Obama's support. In Florida, Giuliani claims that Romney has seen the error of his ways on health care; Romney team says Rudy fails to understand basics of free-market economics. Thompson gives interview to NRO's Larry Kudlow.

3. The United Auto Workers Region 4 (including Iowa) is probably a few weeks away from formally endorsing a candidate, but Barack Obama has the inside track. Both John Edwards and Hillary Clinton made strong pitches to the members in recent weeks. Members held a convention today where a mock straw poll was expected to go in Obama's favor; it's non-binding, though, and technically, none of the regional UAWs have been given permission to endorse on their own just yet.

4. The cablers can't get enough of Kerik/Giuliani/Regan; Fox is giving plenty of attention to Huckabee's tax gaffe....Sidney Blumenthal is now an official adviser to the Clinton campaign, per TPM...New Fox News poll of Dems show race basically unchanged....uptick for McCain on the GOP side...McCain still performs best v. Clinton...Barack Obama begins airing new NH ad tomorrow called "chances I had"...refers to his father's abandonment of his family when he was young.....YearlyKos blogger convention changes name to "Netroots Nation" -- it's scheduled for July 17-20, 2008 in Austin,TX.....The Republican Party of Iowa cancels its December 4 debate because candidates had "scheduling conflicts".... Thompson seeks interns through Facebook: "Political, Finance, Administration, Press, Research, and eCampaign/IT" positions are available.....and Karl Rove will balance out Markos at Newsweek.

5. Internally, Barack Obama's aides refer to their boss as "BO" in shorthand; externally, some rivals refer to him as "BHO," with the H standing for his middle initial, Hussein. Don't be alarmed about the addition of the middle initial: Edwards is "JRE," Clinton is "HRC," Romney is "WMR," Giuliani is "RWG."

Bonus: from the Hotline's Last Call: "My concern is not with myself but with the posteriors of those in the audience" -- Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID), on being given an extra 2 min. to speak at today's EPW hearing (Last Call! sources)."