The Daily Five: A New Phase

1. ABC News poll of Iowa has Obama at 30%, Clinton at 26% and Edwards at 22%... (change is "within sampling tolerances")...percentage of change voters grow...Obama leads 2-1 on trustworthiness/honesty questions...and Clinton runs third among men.....Obama runs fourth on experience.....Biden and Dodd will be in Iowa on Thanksgiving day...Obama's in NH Tuesday and Wedensday....Edwards returns to NH after Thanksgiving.....Today's edition of the syndicated game show "Family Feud" featured a presidential '08 question: which candidates seem the most presidential? In order: Clinton (39%), Giuliani (22%)....Obama (16%) And in sixth place: Romney for the steal (4%) for the steal.

2. Giuliani campaign plans to unveil more television ads in New Hampshire later this week....plans bus tour in NH this weekend... dismisses 9/11 commissioner Tom Kean Sr.'s endorsement of John McCain by saying: "'There are a lot of Republicans, I'm not going to get all the votes or all the endorsements.''.....McCain plans 7th trip to Iraq over Thanksgiving......Rush Limbaugh predicts that Mike Huckabee could finish second in Iowa but won't get the nomination....CW says that Huckabee's rise helps Giuliani....Romney campaign publicly and privately seethes at National Review Online for printing story suggesting they were behind anti-Romney push-polls....Romney and Giuliani trade cliched sanctuary city/illegal immigration/border security charges...

3. A new phase: Clinton campaign will begin daily, on-the-record rebuttals to everything Barack Obama says...John Edwards's words will be paid attention to occasionally.... A rival campaign aide writes: "Our ID calls are showing softening, with people saying they have increasing doubts about[Hillary's] conviction, etc. not a ton, but significant."

4. A Guide To The Day:

Obama, over the weekend: Clinton's spreading negative info about me, according to Bob Novak. She should be ashamed.

Clinton campaign, over the weekend: Not true, Obama is taking a page from the GOP play book and shouldn't be so naive. Don't play the victim card, Senator.

Clinton, today: Obama lacks experience; the economy is too important to be left to a neophyte; the Republicans are bad and dangerous.

Obama today: I have plenty of experience, Clinton just says "experience" and doesn't back it up, and, oh, by the way, Clinton distorts my policy proposals.

Clinton campaign today: Obama's health care plan wouldn't cover 15M Americans.

RNC interlude: Obama's experience is thin.

RNC interlude: HRC is debating with herself, and she's gonna raise taxes.

Obama campaign today: Clinton is beginning to lose this thing, so she's turning desparate.

Clinton campaign today: How sad. Obama has replaced the politics of hope with the politics of attack.

5. A reader writes: "In light of President Musharraf holding Pakistan's election on Jan. 8, I hope Gardner won't announce that NH will now be in December since NH law prohibits a similar event within 7 days of NH."