Some morning headlines to spur discussion...

"Giuliani, Clinton slip in SC polls"... (The State)

"Obama helped ex-boss get $1 million from charity." (Chicago Sun-Times)

And check out this quote from Mitt Romney on this a.m's "Morning Joe":

SCARBOROUGH: Governor huckabee has been -- some of the media believe governor huckabee has gotten a free ride from us and others, because he's been the smiling, happy warrior out there, but tim russert talked this morning of people looking into mike huckabee's finances. Is there a reason for governor huckabee to be concerned about money that he took while he was governor of arkansas?

GOV. ROMNEY: You know, that's something that the investigators will have to take a look at. I know there were a number of ethical charges and fines and that's reminiscent of the clinton years. I think the bigger problem relates to the fact that he was soft on illegal immigration and that he raised spending in the state from 6 to $16 billion and he raised sales taxes, taxes on groceries and on nursery homes, i don't think america is going to choose somebody who is soft on immigration and hard on taxpayers.