Self-Effacement, And A Message About The Caucus, From Hillary Clinton

(That's a New York Times style headline there -- the predicate before the subject, just in case you were wondering).

Bill Clinton doesn't like to exercise. ("Exercise is hard")

Tom Vilsack, the former governor, cannot dance. ("Dancing is hard")

Hillary Clinton cannot sing. ("Singing is hard")

But caucusing is easy.

That's the message of a new video the Clinton campaign is sending to its supporters in Iowa. It's self-effacing and light-in-tone -- and seeks to demystify the three-dimensional chess game of the caucus.

"A majority of our identified supporters would be first-time caucus goers," Dave Barnhart, the campaign's caucus director, said in a conference call. "It's safe to say that the video ... is one of the many components of that efforts. We've brought on a tremendous number of new staffers to assist us in this effort."

Barnhart said that the campaign hoped to have its staff members meet with every single committed caucus goer, in person, before Jan. 3.