Rumor And Truth

Rumor: Roger Stone, the legendary Republican operative skilled in the dark arts of politics, was somehow involved with the Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America, that 501 (c) 4 that ran pro-McCain ads in South Carolina.

Fact: Stone, in a telephone interview today, completely denies that he had anything at all to do it... and doesn't seem to be a big fan of McCain's to begin with.

Rumor: Despite the denials, James Dobson is on the verge of endorsing Mike Huckabee.

Truth: This column was among the lucky few who heard the original rumor on Friday, but, because it could not get an independent source, did not go with the story. Tom Minnery, Dobson's chief political aide, reinforced the denial today with me. And on his radio show this morning, Dobson said he was nowhere near endorsing anyone.