Ron Paul's Money, Rudy's Crooked Friends

I have to say that I don't really understand Andrew's take on Ron Paul's contributions from white supremacists: "Here's an idea: when Giuliani disowns his abusing priest, his mafia-consigliere and his anti-Semitic nutcase, Ron Paul should send back the $500. Deal?" I don't really see the rationale for a quid-pro-quo here. If at the end of the day you want to decide that Paul would be a less pernicious president than Giuliani (my view as of yesterday morning) then fine, but the fact that Paul should return the contribution is totally independent of the fact that there are about a dozen things wrong with the Giuliani campaign.

Similarly, while it's interesting to note, as Glenn Greenwald's been doing, that there's a double-standard wherein Ron Paul's crazy views get him labeled "crazy" whereas Rudy Giuliani's crazy views get him labeled "tough" and Charles Krauthammer's crazy views get him a spot on The Washington Post op-ed page, it's still the case that these are all people with crazy views.