Republicans Tussle Over Immigration In Iowa

Just ten percent of likely Republican caucus goers in Iowa say they will make their decision based on a candidate's position on immigration reform, but twenty percent of those surveyed by the New York Times and CBS News spontaneously said "illegal immigration" was an issue they want to hear the candidates talk more about.

A majority of likely Republican caucus goers favor what's been labeled as amnesty: either allowing undocumented workers to keep jobs and become citizens or keep jobs and become guest workers. 44% believe that immigrants should leave their jobs and the country entirely.

Political developments today:

** Rudy Giuliani strikes back against Mitt Romney, saying that Romney had "the worst record on illegal immigrants" as governor and allowed a number of sanctuary cities to flourish. BTW: here are the leads from Iowa television stations about Romney.

"Mitt Romney is calling out two of his republican rivals and hilary clinton on illegal immigration (Des Moines)"

"Mitt Romney is on the attack. He's singling out to of his gop rivals and hillary clinton on illegal immigration. (Des Moines)"

"The Republican front runner in Iowa... Mitt Romney... Says other candidates are too soft on
illegal immigration. (Cedar Rapids)"

"Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has a new campaign office on indian hills drive. While in town... He took aim at two of his g-o-p opponents. (Sioux City)"

** Romney's campaign issued a rebuttal about Romney's record, leading with this:


In Massachusetts, Governor Mitt Romney Took Action To Enforce Immigration Laws:

ENFORCEMENT: In December 2006, Governor Romney Signed A Memorandum Of Agreement With The Federal Government To Allow State Law Enforcement To Enforce Federal Immigration Laws. "

** Giuliani unveiled "Viva Rudy," a coalition of Hispanic American Republicans in Florida.

** For the first time, Mike Huckabee's rocky relationship with the Arkansas Journal gets national press attention.

** Fred Thompson airs a new ad on immigration.