Republican Campaigns Up Ad Spending In New Hampshire

According to a tally of New Hampshire television advertising kept by one of the campaigns, Rudy Giuliani has boosted his spending in the state by 60% for the upcoming week starting tomorrow.

Here, according to the tally, is the amount of money that Rudy Giuliani is spending, followed by a similar tally for Mitt Romney.

For an explanation of what a point -- a GRP -- is, click here. Basically, one point is 1% of households, so a buy of 400 points means that every conceivable household in a market is exposed to the ad at least four times, in theory.... In reality, it takes about 1000 grps -- or 10 exposures to saturate a target audience.

Note that the most expensive New Hampshire market is Boston -- and that the campaigns have to buy markets that extend into Vermont, New York and Maine -- which means that voters there are saturated with television ads directed at their neighbors.

Rudy Giuliani

Boston -- 400 points $319,000
Burlington-Plattsburgh -- 550 points $43,995
Manchester -- 560 points $173,965
Portland-Auburn -- 450 $42,000

Mitt Romney

Boston, for 825 points, at $705,100 per week
Burlington-Plattsburgh for 550 point at $43,995 per week
Manchester for 1,435 points at $464,040 per week
Portland-Auburn for 450 points at $42,000 per week