Redesign Blogging

Under the new design of The New Republic's website, the Spine -- TNR editor in chief Martin Peretz' blog on politics and culture -- is less visible than under the earlier design. As a result, I haven't been reading it as much lately. That's too bad, because I've been missing out on batshit insane smears against liberals like this:

I suspect that many Democrats are so deeply hostile to a forward foreign policy and their minds so deeply embedded in the notion that you can negotiate successfully with fanatics and tyrants that they wouldn't mind a prophylactic victory for the enemy. Which raises the question: is this enemy their enemy? I suspect not.

Classy. I know the next time The Weekly Standard starts making allegations about the treasonous motives of TNR editors I'll be leaping to the barricades in their defense. Meanwhile, TNR really ought to elevate the Spine's placement on their site. Since the magazine obviously respects Peretz' ideas and journalism enough to give him the editor-in-chief title, surely they should be trying to give his work as much prominence as possible and not stuffing it beneath the Plank and the Stump so as to suggest they're vaguely embarrassed to be associated with this sort of thing.