New Sources for No Muslims Mitt

At a press conference today, Mitt Romney denied having said that he would refuse to consider putting a qualified Muslim in his cabinet, but Greg Sargent says two witnesses are backing up Mansour Ijaz's version of events:

One of the witnesses, Irma Aguirre, a former finance director of the Nevada Republican Party who described herself as a registered Republican, says that she saw Romney's comments as "racist." She further paraphrased Romney as saying: "They're radical. There's no talking to them. There's no negotiating with them."

The other witness is "a self-described local registered Republican named George Harris." What's more, one needs to keep in mind when evaluating these things that none of these people, Ijaz included, has any obvious motive to lie. Indeed, the story seems to fit Romney's clumsy pandering approach to presidential politics pretty well.