You'd think it wouldn't be possible to actually break new ground in the field of ridiculous anti-Clinton news coverage, but Josh Gerstein deserves some kind of medal for this piece taking a close look at her summer internship when she was in law school in 1971. The real gold comes on the second page where we learn that "The most eye-catching claim about Mrs. Clinton's time at the Treuhaft firm is that she attended a plea negotiation on behalf of armed Black Panthers who stormed into the California legislature on May 2, 1967 to protest a gun-control measure." One interesting thing about this claim is that it's false. The case in question was resolved in 1967, and Clinton worked for the firm in 1971. But one of the partners at the firm seems to have misremembered this, and felt that he drove with HRC to Sacramento for the hearing. Gerstein dedicates seven full paragraphs to this even though it's stupid bullshit and clearly not true anyway, before launching into a paragraph that begins "Regardless of whether Mrs. Clinton was on hand for the Panthers' legislature case ..."

Regardless, indeed.