More On Robertston And Giuliani

I asked Atlantic intern.political junkie Chris Bodenner to send along his observations from the scene of the Pat Roberston endorsement press conference in Washington.

Why did Robertson make this choice: "Rudy is best to counter the "bloodlust of islamist terrorists," he said. And Rudy had a "spirit of bipartisanship" during his term as mayor, Rudy is a "true fiscal conservative" and Rudy shares Robertson's "judicial philosophy."

Robertson said his endorsement was "not some calculated decision" in response to a question regarding electability.

Robertson pointed out that "we both survived" prostate cancer and that Giuluani called him when he was sick (they laughed and shook hands and displayed a moment of affection)

Why didn't Giuliani fly Robertson to Northwestern Iowa to announce this endorsement? A DC endorsement means national media coverage, which means that Giuliani's campaign probably wants the press to focus on the "this helps him with Christians" theme rather than the "this helps him in Iowa" theme.

And where, in all of this coverage, is CBN's David Brody?