Memo Wars: McCain's Manager Is Confident


An internal memo sent from McCain campaign manager Rick Davis to campaign donors and political surrogates:

On Fox News Sunday yesterday, John McCain told Chris Wallace, "I can tell you right now I will win New Hampshire." As a candidate, John McCain is confident, he is focused, and he is performing exceptionally well on the campaign trail.

He has good reason to be excited. John McCain is the most qualified and experienced candidate in this race. At a time when our nation fights a global war against Islamic extremists, he is the only candidate in the top tier of the Republican field with real foreign policy experience. Whether as a member of the Navy, House of Representatives, or Senate, John McCain has been involved in nearly every foreign policy crisis to face our country since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Reflective of that experience, he was the only person in the field of Presidential candidates to recognize the need for a new strategy in Iraq four years ago, and he had the courage to advocate for the surge even when it hurt him politically.

Not only is he the right man at the right time to lead our nation, a new poll released yesterday confirms once again that he is the only Republican who can beat Hillary Clinton. According to a survey released Sunday by Rasmussen Reports, John McCain leads Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical general election match up 47% to 45%. He is the only Republican leading the Democrat front-runner. Rudy Giuliani would lose to Hillary Clinton by six points, as would Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson. Click here to read the full report.

As Senator Sam Brownback said last week when he endorsed John McCain, "John McCain is the full package and he can beat Hillary Clinton; he has a 24-year pro-life voting record and the guy is clearly ready to be commander in chief. He's done it all and I think he deserves my support and the support of the country."

Other public survey data indicates Republican primary voters believe Mayor Giuliani is more likely to defeat Senator Clinton in a general election match-up, but this isn't supported in the most current surveys. The Rasmussen poll reports that John McCain is the only candidate who beats Senator Clinton in the general election. The Republican Party would be more likely to win back the White House if John McCain is nominated. John McCain, the candidate with experience, the candidate ready to be commander in chief, the candidate who shares the values of the Republican Party, is the candidate best positioned to beat Hillary Clinton.

In addition to his national lead, John McCain also performs better in head to head matchups against Hillary Clinton than the rest of the Republican field. In state by state polling, John McCain wins the key states needed for a Republican victory against Hillary Clinton - including Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky - while Mayor Giuliani would lose those states. Click here to see the current map.

We need your help and your continued financial support today to spread this message. If you have not yet contributed the maximum of $2,300 to John's campaign, please help us today with another contribution here. If you have, thank you for your strong support. We need your additional assistance forwarding this email along to your contacts and asking them to contribute as well. John McCain is making it happen on the campaign trail; let's help him keep it going so he can have the chance to defeat Hillary Clinton next November.

BTW: Here is McCain's latest NH ad: