McCain Considers $3M Loan To Fund Campaign

Sen. John McCain's campaign may soon borrow from the bank around $3M to finance its campaign in the near term, Republican sources say.

Campaign advisers in Iowa and New Hampshire have begged the campaign's management to make a decision about money. Many see the next three weeks as do or die; these advisers believe that McCain needs to rebounds to a solid second place in New Hampshire, Iowa or South Carolina by Thanksgiving in order to be viable after the holiday.

McCain has aired three television ads in New Hampshire, but the ad buys have been fairly inexpensive.

McCain's communications director, Jill Hazelbaker, would not confirm that a loan to the campaign was imminent.

"Like every campaign we are constantly evaluating our resources, but we have not made any final decisions," she said.

A spate of national polls have shown McCain improving his standing, but he remains well below several candidates in Iowa and stuck in third place in New Hampshire and lower in South Carolina.

If McCain intends to take federal matching funds, a loan could bring them much closer to the fundraising cap. If they break the cap, then matching funds would no longer be good collateral.

At the end of the last quarter, McCain reported about $1.8M on hand with an equal amount of debt.