Mass. Dems Try To Embarass Romney?

That's one way to read the news that the legislature there is considering a bill to move their state's primary to Feb. 5 from March 4.

It's not clear whether Romney would win his home state. The legislature has until November 21 to act.

Earlier this year, Romney supporters on the state GOP central committee failed to prevent the party from changing its delegate allocation process from winner-take-all to proportional.

BOSTON (AP) — The state’s top elections official wants an earlier date for the Massachusetts presidential primary.

The primary is scheduled for March 4 but Secretary of State William Galvin says moving it up to Feb. 5 would give the state more clout in the nominating process.

Galvin says Feb. 5 has become a “de facto national primary day,” with as many as 21 states scheduled to select delegates.

Galvin says the state also could save money by combining the presidential voting with five special legislative elections.

Governor Deval Patrick and House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi say they would support the change. DiMasi says if there is agreement in the Senate, lawmakers could get a bill setting the new date to Patrick’s desk quickly.