It's Hard Getting On The Virginia Ballot

Today is Election Day in the Commonwealth across the water from the Watergate, and if predictions hold true, the hue-shifting will continue: Democrats are poised to take control of the State Senate (unless immigration gets in their way, which is possible).

But this is a presidential column, and here is a Virginia-related presidential tidbit.

To be a certified presidential candidate and to be eligible to receive delegates on February 12, candidates have to gather 10,000 signatures by hand and separate them for each county.

At least 400 sigs have to come from each Congressional district. Candidates usually gather well more than 10,000 because the state scrutinizes the names very closely.

They're due in mid-December.

The Giuliani and Romney campaigns tell me they're on track... no word from the Thompson campaign at the moment.

As for the Democrats, the Clinton, Obama and Edwards campaigns all report steady progress toward the goal... but it's an onerous process that's taking up time and resources that could be otherwise devoted to Iowa and New Hampshire.