Huckabee Hires A Rapid Responder

A sign of a mature campaign: Mike Huckabee's communications shop has hired Joe Carter, a new media whiz at the Family Research Council, to head their rapid response operation.

In an e-mail to friends today, Carter said he decided that, if he wanted to see a conservative in the White House, he'd better get off his butt and work for it.

I have a simple standard in deciding what type of candidate to support. I call it my Reagan Test: "Are they as conservative as Ronald Reagan was when he first ran for the Presidency?" Huckabee passes that test. I think he's a solid fiscal, social, and security conservative. I also think he is the only one that can beat Hillary Clinton. I don't say all this because I support Huckabee; I support Huckabee because I believe this to be true.