Giuliani And The Hamptons: Imagine The Tabloid Wood Tomorrow

And then answered your own question: is this story big?

From the standpoint of an editor of a producer, just look at the buzz words:

Giuliani. Extramarital Affair. Politico. Money. Hiding. NYPD. The Public Till. Loyalty. Kerik.

This is the Giuliani campaign's on-the-record response to the follow questions:

"Granting that all mayors receive NYPD production round the clock, did the mayor have any knowledge that the costs were allocated the way they were? Did Tony Carbonetti or Ray Lohta have any knowledge? Were the costs allocated properly?"

"This is common practice. The NYPD is responsible for providing security for the Mayor of New York around the clock."

Why wasn't the money put in the police department budget?

Why was it hidden?

Did Giuliani know?

Even if not, is Giuliani responsible for the conduct of his office?

Did Giuliani use the cover of "9/11 and security" to unwittingly cover up malfeasance? His aides told the city comptroller that "security" prevented them from explaining why the costs were unusually allocated.