Expectations High For Clinton In New Hampshire

A new Franklin Pierce University/WBZ survey of the New Hampshire primary electorate shows that a very large 71% of Democrats believe that Hillary Clinton will be their nominee regardless of their own preferences. Embedded within the decision-making of this electorate, therefore, is a healthy sense of inevitability.

The irony here is that most New Hampshire Democrats say they haven't made up their minds.

So while a large majority is leaving open the possibility that they could support someone than Clinton, most believe, in the back of their minds, that Clinton will win anyway.

The same poll shows that Republicans are much more unsettled. Their preferences are closer to their expectations. A full 34% of Republicans believe that Mitt Romney will be their nominee, followed by a quarter for Rudy Giuliani and 8% for Fred Thompson.

Remember: this poll does not survey voter preferences; it surveys voter expectations.

Some other interesting tidbits:

## Iraq remains the top concern of GOPers and Dems -- 71% for Dems and 46% for GOPers... with immigration coming a close second for Republicans and health care coming a close second for Democrats. A quarter of Republicans and Democrats cite the economy as their most important issue.

## 42% of NH Dems think that Clinton is doing the best job handling the situation in Iraq, followed by Obama (24%) and ... Bill Richardso at 15%.