Evidence for Things I Already Believe

Ambinder gives me some of my favorite kind of factoids -- things that constitute evidence for things I already believed. In today's edition, my pre-existing belief is that the race for the Democratic nomination is more open than people realize. The evidence is new polling out of New Hampshire which indicates that "a very large 71% of Democrats believe that Hillary Clinton will be their nominee regardless of their own preference . . . most New Hampshire Democrats say they haven't made up their minds . . . a large majority is leaving open the possibility that they could support someone than Clinton, most believe, in the back of their minds, that Clinton will win anyway."

To me, at any rate, this indicates that the results in Iowa will have a big impact on people's thinking. If Clinton loses there, which everyone agrees is very possible, then I think it hurts her aura of inevitability and you're left with the fact that most voters in the second state haven't yet made up their minds. As long as Iowa is in play, so is the nomination.