Edwards's Closing Argument

For John Edwards, this week is "America Belongs To Us Week," and if you think that the catchy title is yet another hook to try and convince the press to take Edwards's challenge to Clinton and Obama seriously, well, you are correct.

Each day, Edwards plans to spotlight a kitchen table issue, and he'll tie it back to the frame he has been building for months: Hillary Clinton is too emeshed in the corrupt culture of Washington to fix things and to take on the entrenched interests that need taking on. He -- Edwards -- is unafraid.

The truth is that Edwards has been making that case much more cleanly than any of his opponents, whether or not they began to make it first. It's a different case than Barack Obama's -- he argues that Clinton is too polarizing to get the job done -- Edwards takes the charge further: it's Clinton herself who is part of the system that needs reforming, that it's the Clinton legacy that has consigned the Democratic Party to second-tier status.

In Bow, NH today, Edwards will talk about the uninsured. In some advance remarks sent by the Edwards campaign, here's the striking paragraph:

Who can you trust to tell you the truth about what's wrong in Washington?

And who can you trust to fight like hell to make it right?
I will tell you the truth, the hard truth, the whole truth. I will fight for you like I have fought for people like you my entire life. And together, we are going to win.

There is, in this paragraph, an implicit challenge to Barack Obama, too. Will Edwards make it explicit?