Edwards: Enough About Fortress

The John Edwards campaign has an internal name for the troika of issue and image stories that opponents have seized on to question his character... The Three Hs -- "Hair" -- as in expensive cut, "House," as in huge NC house and "Hedge Funds" as in his work for Fortress Investments and the foreclosures Fortress was involved in.

One of those "H's" rears its head in an interview Edwards conducted with Nevada's National Public Radio. And Sen. Edwards is not terribly keen to talk about it.

Dave Burns is the host.

Edwards calls the question a "personal attack."

At one point, he says: "I've said enough about that. What's your next question?"

And later, when Burns persists:

"Have you asked me about the millions of dollars Elizabeth and I have spent...to help give [kids kids who don't have after school programs, to help provide scholarships to kids...."