Democrats: Major Endorsements Yet To Be Won

In order of importance:

1. Former vice president Al Gore. He's said he'll endorse. Last cycle, he picked Howard Dean during the second week of December.

2. Former presidential candidate John Kerry. Here's betting that John Edwards will NOT get this one.

3. Sen. Ted Kennedy -- an endorsement that matters in Iowa and New Hampshire for Dems.

4. The Culinary Workers Local 226 in Nevada. They're in the middle of contract negotiations with Strip hotels right now, but almost every weekend, their elaborate endorsement process continues. Obama and Clinton are said to have an edge, but many rank-and-file members of this UniteHere local like Edwards. There are 60,000 active 226ers.

5. The Iowa Auto Workers. They're endorsing by region. And region 4 includes Iowa.. and Illinois and other Midwestern states. So it's a union that leans in Obama's direction...or maybe there'll be enough Obama support to ward off an endorsement of Hillary Clinton. John Edwards doesn't have much of a shot at this one. The Iowa UAW nod can be particularly helpful in cities like Waterloo, where they have 4,000 active and retired members. Statewide, the Iowa UAW has more than 85,000 members.

Ditto re: contract negotiations that are more important to their members than a presidential endorsement. The UAW

6. The National Education Association -- state affiliates will each endorse a slate of acceptable candidates.

7. Who's missing?