Day One In The Major League, And Huckabee Whiffs

To the roar of the crowd, ex-AR Gov. Mike Huckabee stepped up to the plate yesterday. A fast ball. Swing and a miss. Strike one.

Huckabee was asked to respond to the unflattering video of him "begging," in the words of the Romney campaign, the state legislature to raise taxes in 2003.

On Fox News, Huckabee said that he was following the will of the state Supreme Court, who had ordered the state government to pay more for education.

But the video clip in question showed Huckabee referring to a regular budget plan and had nothing to do with the state supreme court decision.

So -- about half of Huckabee's press coverage was positive -- Huckmentum -- and half of it was negative -- particularly the Fox News-Drudge-conservative blog half.

This wasn't an underhand pitch -- it wasn't a question about his weight loss, his guitar or his sense of humor -- it was about an issue that has the potential to trip him up.

Welcome to the big show.