Clinton Cancels Speech

VIENNA, VA -- Sen. Hillary Clinton has canceled her speech to the Democratic National Committee this afternoon.

The reason, according to Democratic officials, was not security: it was that Clinton did not want to give a rah-rah speech to Democratic National Committee activists amid s hostage crisis at her Rochester, NH campaign headquarters.

Clinton's aides are mum -- partly because they don't know what's happening and partly because they don't want to exacerbate the situation any further.

Outside the grand ballroom, young party activists traded phone calls with friends in New Hampshire looking for any word. Reporters crowded around a hotel bar and watched live television coverage.

Clinton's national headquarters in Arlington, VA has a very elaborate security system. The Secret Service has advised both Clinton and Obama on headquarters security.

But the major campaigns have roughly 50 field offices each -- there's no real way to protect them, and indeed, no incentive to: they are supposed be highly visible and highly accessible.

Clinton is scheduled to campaign in Iowa this weekend.