Yes indeed if you oppose building a bigger building on the SW corner of 14th and U (right now there's a rinky-dink one story development there) you're a bad person and desperately need to stop being ridiculous. One of the great things about Washington, DC is that our Metro system is pretty good. And part of the very essence of making a pretty good Metro system viable over the long run is that in the immediate vicinity of Metro stations you're going to want to have big buildings and dense developments. That's just how it works. If you don't have dense development near transit, you can't have viable transit systems.

It's so incredibly frustrating to see time-and-again proposals to hear talk about how Americans "don't want" to live in cities or use mass transit or whatever else and then turn around and see tons of examples of situations where people certainly seem to want to build high-density structures and are confident that others would rent or buy space in the structures. Obviously, not everyone is going to want to live that way, but evidently many more people would like to than are currently allowed to.