Bill Richardson's Blueprint For Victory In Iowa

Convinced he's on an upswing to a strong Iowa finish, BIll Richardson plans to emphasize his record on domestic policy issues during the final four weeks.

"I think we've done a great job establishing on his policy bona fides. Despite what Hillary Clinton says, Richardson clearly has the most foreign policy experience," says Tom Reynolds, Richardson's aide, in a telephone interview from Council Bluffs, Iowa

So -- the campaign will focus on bread and butter issues, highlighting Richardson's record as a steward of New Mexico's economy, his proposals on education and health care, the environment and energy.

Today, Richardson unveils his agriculture polocy, giving a speech he's titled “A New Direction for American Agriculture.” An excerpt: "Fairness has been corrupted by campaign financing. President Bush signed away the family farm to big agribusiness. We can do better. We need a new direction for American agriculture. One that seizes the opportunities presented by renewable fuel possibilities, that makes conservation a real priority, and levels the playing field for family farmers and independent producers."

The campaign is also adding a new ad to their rotation. It's about education and refers to his support for a complete scrap of "No Child Left Behind." Richardson wants teachers to earn at least $40,000 at the start of their career. He'd pay for more education spending, he says, by cutting weapons programs.