Another Big Legislative Endorsement For Joe Biden In Iowa

State Sen. Herman Quirmbach, an Iowa State professor who represents the city of Ames, has endorsed Sen. Joe Biden.

The reason: Iraq.

“We need to get out of Iraq, but after all the damage that Bush has done to that country, we owe it to them to leave them with some reasonable hope of stability,” Quirmbach says in a statement released by the campaign. “Joe Biden has the clearest vision of how to do both. He’s our best hope to restore America’s credibility in the world, credibility we’re going to need if we’re going to lead on nuclear proliferation, terrorism, global warming, energy, and a host of other issues.”

That's the 12th legislative endorsement for the Senator. And while some might have expected Quirmbach to endorse Sen. Barack Obama -- Ames is, after all, a college town -- the upside, for Obama, of this endorsement going to Biden is that it did not go to Hillary Clinton or John Edwards.

And truth be told, Obama's path to a victory in Iowa has never prioritized endorsements.