And, After Silliness, The Debate Begins ..

If you read this blog, you're familiar with the arguments -- Giuliani and Romney recited them.

Romney got applause -- the audience is friendly to him.

"The mayor said, if you happen to be in this country in an undoc. status, then we want you here.."

Giuliani: Mitt "generally criticizes people in a situation in which he has by far the worst record. There were six sanctuary cities...was even a sanctuary mansion. At his own home. illegal immigrants were being employed."

Romney: "Mayor, you know better than that..." "Are you suggesting that, if you're a homeowner, and you hire a company to provide a service at your home, if you hear someone with a funny accent, you as a homeowner is supposed to go out there and say, let me see your papers?"

Giuliani: "If you're going to take this holier than thou attitude that you were perfect on immigration. It just so happens that you have a special immigration problem that nobody here has...They were under your nose!"