AARP Surveys: Iowa GOP Seniors Undecided But Closely Following The Race

Divided We Fail, the strange bedfellows coalition consisting of the AARP, the SEIU, NFIB and other interest groups, dropped several unique surveys of Republicans and Democrats in the early states today.

Of the 501 AARP member/likely Iowa GOP caucus goers surveyed, 90 percent are paying attention to the vicissitudes of coverage. But nearly 75% are undecided. Iraq is the top issue for 18%, followed by health care at 10%.

66% of those surveyed have received mail from at least one campaign. But most follow the race on television.

Other nuggets:

## In South Carolina, 39 percent of Democratic AARP members/likely Dem primary voters and 39% of Republican AARP members/likely GOP primary voters said they are quite open to changing their minds before the vote.

## A strong plurality of Republican voters in South Carolina think the country is on the wrong track.