A Brief Look At The Post-ABC Poll

Being among the first to notice that Hillary Clinton regularly broke the 50% barrier in Democratic primary polls, there's a responsibility to point out when that barrier reseals. In the Post-ABC poll published 9/30, Barack Obama had 20 percent of the net leaned vote; he has 26 percent in the poll ending 11/1. Clinton inched down from 53 to 49. That's a net change of ... well, enough to take notice of and to see whether other polls pick it up.

Still, 81% of Democrats are satisfied with their field; 57% of Clinton supporters are "strongly" in favor of her. 50% of Obama's supporters are strongly in favor of him.

In the late September poll, 35% found Clinton to be the most honest and trustworthy; 34% do now; Obama's numbers in the field ticked up from 26 to 29.

Among the Republicans, the biggest gainer -- actually, the only gain outside the margin of error -- is John McCain, who has 19 percent of the net leaned vote, up from 12 on 9/30.
Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney are stagnant; Mike Huckabee holds steady at 5%.

Newsweek's latest shows a race relatively unchanged from last month.

BTW: Here's Obama on SNL... and kudos to NBC and the Obama campaign for keeping this quiet. Shades of Monday Night Football circa December '06...