A Biden Memo: The Real "Clear Contrast"

After he jump, a memo from the campaign of Joe "While Y'All Were Squabbling, I Was Solving The Crisis In Pakistan" Biden, on the morn of the next Democratic debate.

There's no polling data to back this up, but it would not surprise a good many Democrats if Biden, in the end, surges in Iowa at the end.





In recent weeks it has become clear that one path toward success in the Iowa Caucuses on January 3rd has emerged for Joe Biden. He has created significant buzz in Iowa among caucus-goers and is often cited as the preferred second choice. In addition, his command of foreign policy and his ability to connect the dots on important foreign and domestic issues are further proof that Joe Biden is ready to be President from day one. The recent crisis in Pakistan makes this all the more clear.

Joe Biden is causing folks to look twice at the slate of candidates. As The New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny noted of one likely caucus-goer, “But as he reached for an Obama supporter card — a postcard that campaigns ask voters to sign — he added a closing thought that underscored why it is unwise to be leery of any early predictions coming out of the state of Iowa. ‘When is the next debate?’ Mr. Burroughs said. ‘I want to watch Biden a little bit closer.’”

Joe Biden continues to enjoy significant support in Iowa from a number of sources. Today, the campaign announced the endorsement of State Rep. Mary Gaskill. Gaskill is the thirteenth legislative endorsement the campaign has received, putting Sen. Biden only three behind Sen. Clinton and two behind Sen. Obama. Gov. Richardson has not garnered a single endorsement in the state. Put quite simply: people who know what it takes to win in Iowa are backing Joe Biden.

In addition, Sen. Biden has continued to receive the support of veterans for his efforts to make sure our troops have all the life-saving equipment they need to stay safe and also for his plan for Iraq. Iowa State Representatives McKinley Bailey and John Whitaker, both veterans, cited Sen. Biden’s leadership on Iraq and foreign affairs as the deciding factor in their choice to endorse him. In Iowa, a state where many residents have family members who have served in the military, they recognize Sen. Biden’s ability to speak to their concerns.

This current dynamic creates the real “clear contrast”: Joe Biden’s leadership on issues Americans care about most and his efforts to contrast these proposals with inaction (and a real lack of experience) on the part of his Democratic competitors and likely Republican opponents in the General election offers an obvious choice to voters.

To that end, Joe Biden continues to exhibit presidential leadership. On issues from Iran to Pakistan, he offers real, informed policy solutions to the most pressing issues facing our country. Unlike President Bush, who thought it was only necessary to call President Musharraf days after the recent crisis in Pakistan, Sen. Biden actually called and spoke with President Musharraf and former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. He gave a major address laying out a vision for America’s future relations with Pakistan, while other candidates have remained conspicuously silent. (He also published an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun.)

Sen. Biden also remains the only candidate to have offered a political solution in Iraq, so that we don’t leave chaos behind. He has also spoken out against President Bush’s failed Iran policy. He has stated that, “Ratcheting up tension with Iran plays right into President Ahmadinejad’s hands” and also raises the price of oil for American families. Sen. Biden said America needs to “make it very clear to Iran what it risks in terms of isolation if it continues to pursue nuclear weapons but also what it stands to gain if it does the right thing.”

In short, he is the only candidate to have spoken succinctly and specifically about a plan for what to do with Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. The chorus of “I agree with Joe” comments emanating from the debates indicates that other candidates recognize Sen. Biden’s continued leadership and foresight.

Instead of offering empty rhetoric, Sen. Biden will continue to offer clear answers to important issues facing our country. The Senator’s continued leadership – as well as the decision by other candidates to eschew solutions and focus on parsed rhetoric – makes Joe Biden’s status as an emerging second choice among many Iowa voters even more important.