Where to Find Qualified Women

Surely you've heard dozens of times of the progressive — or even non-ideological — organization whose leadership professes to wish to have more women in high-level roles, but just can't seem to find qualified candidates for openings when they arise. Something to keep in mind next time you hear something like that would be GFR's take on how Hillary Clinton's campaign staff came to have so many women in senior positions:

After all, it’s not like there was some huge population of female strategists out there the various campaigns were competing for and Clinton just happened to snap them all up. Clinton created, on her own, a cadre of female strategists to serve her political needs, by spotting talent in the women around her and promoting them up the political food chain. No other candidate can say, for example, that their campaign is being managed by their former female scheduler.

It also might be worth noting in this regard that I think almost everyone would agree that Clinton's had the best-run campaign — free of mistakes, and seemingly drawing blood on those occasions when they've felt the need to attack.