What Changed Richard Viguerie's Mind About Giuliani?

On Friday, Richard Viguerie, the conservative direct pioneer, circulated a petition on his website urging Republicans to committ to opposing a pro-choice nominee, a la Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City.

We will present the petition to the members of the Republican National Committee, the President and Republican members of Congress, media and blogs, and many other Republican leaders.

It will be a powerful warning to those in a position of influence that, if the GOP turns against unborn children, a significant portion of its base will not vote for Republican candidates.

But in 2000, Viguerie had no compunction about taking money from Giuliani.
According to FEC records and news accounts, Giuliani's abortive (heh) 2000 Senate campaign contracted with American Target Advertising, Viguerie's firm, to the tune of $820,000.