View From a Divided Palestine

I'll be going to the New America Foundation's event "The View from a Divided Palestine" with Mustafa Barghouti from the Palestinian Legislative Council, Rita Hauser from the International Peace Academy and the International Crisis Group, and Daniel Levy from New America and elsewhere. Steve Clemons is promising that the event will be record and posted here.

For background, after years of pursuing a mix of disengagement and sporadic counterproductive interventions, Condoleezza Rice decided to call for a peace conference that'll be happening in Annapolis in November. It's a little unclear why exactly she's done this, since in many respects the US government doesn't seem to have done anything to clear the ground for success and the consequences of failure could be dire. But call it she did, so people of good will may as well try to seize the opportunity to accomplish something constructive — or, at a minimum, stave off some kind of disaster where poor planning leads to failure which leads to years of renewed bitterness and violence.