There's really nothing to this post except a pointless blogger inside joke, but I just learned earlier today for the first time that there's actually a 2006 movie called A Very Serious Person. Sadly, it's not about Michael O'Hanlon. Instead:

Jan (Charles Busch), an itinerant male nurse from Denmark, takes a new job with Mrs. A (Polly Bergen), a terminally ill Manhattan woman raising her parentless thirteen-year-old grandson, Gil (PJ Verhoest). Spending the summer by the shore, the emotionally reserved Jan finds himself oddly cast as a mentor to Gil in having to prepare the sensitive boy for life with his cousins in Florida after his grandmother’s death. A deep friendship grows between these two solitary people. By the end of the summer, Gil has developed a new maturity and independence, while the enigmatic Jan has revealed his own vulnerability.

If that doesn't sound good to you, though, you can always check out A War Like No Other. James Steinberg calls it "A supremely thoughtful, sober assessment of what is one of the most dangerous fault lines in the world today."

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