Turkey and the Kurds

I'll take the path of consistency and say that for the sake of the United States, and the sake of the Kurds, but also for Turkey's sake as well, I hope Turkey doesn't respond to PKK provocations with cross-border military actions that will ultimately fail to solve anything. That said, I do wonder what the apostles of "toughness" and willpower on the right will say about this. Don't they think that the Turks must cross the border in force and show the Kurds what's what? Won't weakness only invite further aggression?

Meanwhile, I recognize that the Kurds are a popular cause in bien pensant Washington while maintaining the viability of the Turkish alliance in the fact of the Armenian Lobby was also a popular cause, but while I think it makes a lot of sense for US diplomats to try to mediate here, I really don't think our troops should be stuck in the crossfire.