Tomasky v. Cohen

Read Mike Tomasky on Roger Cohen and other whiners. I want to say more about the whole "when did you stop beating the Kosovar Albanians?" line of argument against people who were right about Iraq and its remarkable persistence. For now, though, let me at least register my Official Puzzlement about being labeled a "leftist." I'm not running around with Subcommander Marcos or even filling the blog with praise for Evo Morales . . . I think I have pretty banal liberal political opinions on most issues.

On foreign policy, in particular, I think more people should read John Ikenberry's After Victory (or, better yet, my book -- out in April and, I promise you, featuring more jokes) which really isn't much of a radical text. It's the Iraq hawks who are espousing extremist views on an unheard of scale.

Photo by Flickr user Lordrich used under a Creative Commons license