The Rest Of The Stories, 10/25: Errant Metaphor Edition

When opening a campaign headquarters in Los Angeles, do not use the word "Fired Up" to describe the mood of your foot soldiers. At least until next month.

Mitt Romney's campaign prematurely articulated a high-profile endorsement -- again. The sheriff of Collier Co. Florida has endorsed the former Massachusetts governor but wanted him to wait until as late as possible to announce it. He's apologized to Fred Thompson, with whom he met earlier this week.

Happy Birthday, Sen. Clinton, from all your friends at the Romney campaign. "One of the ways that you help instill, if you will, family values is by having a White House be a place that demonstrates family values ... "And, you know, I think during the last Clinton presidency, the White House did not demonstrate that in a way that was helpful to our nation's culture," Romney added.