The Rest Of The Stories, 10/16

Your headline from the latest CNN/OPC 2008 poll: Al Gore whups Rudy Giuliani; Clinton only edges him. Also: Clinton's above 50 ... that's five national polls now... and Thompson has lost 9 points since September.

Clinton 49% --- Gore: 52%
Giuliani 47% --- Giuliani: 46%

O. Kay Henderson on the private meetings Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney will be holding with Sen. Chuck Grassley. Grassley will probably not endorse anyone.

In New Mexico, Rep. Steve Pearce and Rep. Heather Wilson will both vie for the Republican Senate nod. In SurveyUSA polling ** caveat emptor **, Bill Richardson beats them both, handily, in fact.

John Edwards appears on Bill Maher's television show on Friday. More donors watch that comedy show than any other comedy show... maybe.

Speaking of Edwards: it's not just Obama doin' the inadvertent copying in this race.

Obama: “If We Have Actionable Intelligence About High-Value Terrorist Targets And President Musharraf Won’t Act, We Will.” Obama said, “I understand that President Musharraf has his own challenges. But let me make this clear. There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3,000 Americans. They are plotting to strike again. It was a terrible mistake to fail to act when we had a chance to take out an al Qaeda leadership meeting in 2005. If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won't act, we will.” (8/1/07)

Edwards: “If We Have Actionable Intelligence About Imminent Terrorist Activity And The Pakistan Government Refuses To Act, We Will.” Edwards said in his speech, “But I want to be clear about one thing: If we have actionable intelligence about imminent terrorist activity and the Pakistan government refuses to act, we will.” (9/07/07)

John McCain insists he still has the money to run television ads... despite his heavy indebtedness.

Welcome to the big show, The Stump.