The Rest Of The Stories, 10/11

Hillary Clinton breaks 50 in a second national poll, and Hillary Hub exalts: Hillary Jumps To 32-Point Lead As Obama Goes On The Attack.

The RNC is launching the Hillary Clinton Spend-O-Meter to keep track of how much her policy proposals will cost the hard-working taxpayers, or so the RNC says. hsom_flex.jpgRudy Giuliani may have a problem with facts, says. Fred Thompson does not.

Per National Journal/NBC News' Mike Memoli, here's what Bill Richardson said about Clinton's decision to stay on the Michigan primary ballot:

"She thinks she's the nominee so she doesn't want to alienate Michigan voters," Richardson told reporters in Manchester today. "You can't have it both ways. She's not the nominee."

John Edwards's campaign says it plans to add two dozen staff members to Nevada ahead of the caucuses, the AP first reported today.

A new Mitt Romney radio in South Carolina features Sen. Jim DeMint and the message: Stop Snitchin'. Uh, Sorry -- Stop Spending. BTW: Are evangelicals moving toward Romney? Maybe, maybe not.

Your 10/21 Florida Republican Debate podium order: Screen Left – Screen Right: Tancredo, Paul, Huckabee, Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, McCain, Brownback and Hunter.

Still: Al Gore has no intention of running for president.