The FEC Reports: Rudy Giuliani

Cash on hand: $11,649,825. (not $16M)

Giuliani By Mail:: According to, the campaign has paid the Texas-based direct mail firm Olsen and Shuvalov more than $3.8 million -- or nearly 15% of the campaign's entire schedule of disbursements.

Packing It In? The campaign hired ex-Treasury Dept. official Sandra Pack to be their Chief Operating Officer, but it has so far paid her $200,000 for compliance consulting work.

Highly Paid: Giuliani's chief of strategy, Brent Seaborn, has earned more than $122,000 this year so far. Campaign chief Mike DuHaime has paid himself $135,000.

Florida, Florida, Florida: On June 1, the Giuliani campaign paid $100,000 to rent the Florida Republican Party's voter database.

Hyatt, How're You Doing? The hotel chain of choice for the Giuliani campaign: the Hyatt corp.