Ending cash on hand: $7.1M

Webby: The campaign website and web marketing activities formed the largest single expense: more than $389,000 worth went to the Arizona-based Straightline firm.

Lots of lists: the campaign paid $100K for access to the Florida Republican voter file and more than $200,000 to a New Jersey based firm that specializes in voter list management. It also paid the Republican Party of Iowa $32,000 for its list.

The Exes: former campaign manager-designee Tom Collamore was paid $54,000 for his services to Thompson. Jim Mills was paid $39,000 for about a month's work. Mark Corallo, long a volunteer, received $30,000. Ousted communications director Linda Rozette took home more than $20,000 for her trouble.

Show Me My Money: Thompson reimbursed himself for $11,000 worth of travel and floral expenses.

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