The Clinton-Drudge Connection

I'm not really sure what to make of the Clinton campaign's apparent relationship with Matt Drudge. His site isn't merely an appendage of the conservative message machine, but it's mostly an appendage of the conservative message machine. I'd like to see a nominee who's approach to the right's domination of American political discourse is to challenge it, rather than try to cozy up to it.

You see much the same thing in Clinton's relationship with Rupert Murdoch. Sure, as long as she's seemingly ascendant and willing to court these people, they're happy to play nice. But when the chips are down -- when the right is, say, trying to get her removed from office on a flimsy pretext -- does she think Murdoch and Drudge are going to have her back? Where are they going to be when she has a tough legislative battle? When she's looking to elect friendly members of congress in the midterms? It all seems bafflingly self-centered and short-sighted to me.