Samples Of Some Of The Rapid Response Statements

From Thompson's campaign: ROMNEY ON HILLARYCARE...Romney criticized HillaryCare for bringing government into health care. ....However, some see "striking resemblances" between HillaryCare and RomneyCare."\\

From Giuliani's campaign: "Just the Facts #6: ROMNEY ONCE AGAIN RUNS FROM ROMNEYCARE."

From Giuliani's campaign: " Just the Facts #5: Thompson Opposed Contract for America's Call for Tort Reform"

From Romney's campaign: " BIG CITY, BIG SPENDER: How Mayor Giuliani Went To Court And Killed The Presidential Line-Item Veto"

From the Giuliani campaign: " The Rudy Reality: Mayor Giuliani Turned Deficit Into Surplus By Slashing City Spending"

From Romney's campaign: " FYI - ROMNEY RECORD: Strong Fiscal Leadership."