Clinton: "I will do everything I can do to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb." [Repeats this thrice to Russert's follow ups.]

Edwards: What I will do is take all the responsible steps that can be taken to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Obama: "I think there is a larger point at stake. We have been governed by fear for the last six years and this president has used the fear of terrorism to launch a war that should have never been authorized... We have seen the Republican nominees do the same thing... It's important for us to draw a clear line and saw we will not be governed by fear."

Biden: "I would pledge to keep us safe... This is complicated stuff... the greatest threat ... an out of control Pakistan..."

Dodd: "There's a deeper question here... I think the more immediate problem is Pakistan."

Richardson: "I would make the pledge. And it would be, through diplomacy."

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