Russert Questions Clinton On Lieberman-Kyl; Clinton Stoutly Justifies Her Vote

Russert: "Why did you vote for that amendment?"

HRC: "I am against a rush to war. I was the first person on this stage... to go to the floor of the Senate back in February and say GB had no authority ... I am also not in favor of doing nothing. Iran is seeking nuclear weapons and the Iran Rev. Guards are at the forefront of that..."

HRC calls it "A false choice... between what the GOP wants to do and what the Dems say.. between total war and total diplomacy.... HRC believes in "vigorous diplomacy" and "that includes economic sanctions."

"We can argue about what is a non-binding sense of the Senate... I think we are missing the point...which is that we need to prevent the administration from doing something on their own..."

Dodd blasts Clinton: "What you didn't learn in '02, you should have learned by now."

Biden: "I think it can be used as a declaration of war."