Rudy Wows The RJC, Criticizes Soros (But Once Held A Different View)

A prominent Jewish Republican political influencer/reader writes about today's Republican Jewish Coalition presidential cattle call:

"If there were as many Jews as Evangelicals in GOP Rudy would win by acclamation. The man knows his audience. By the way McCain was dreadfully abasive- must have read your blog!"

Here's a dispatch from M. Berger of NBC/NJ's cadre of reporters.

Giuliani went after Obama Tuesday, criticizing Obama's plans to meet with the leaders of rogue nations without preconditions. Giuliani, speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition, took issue with Obama's claims that meeting with leaders like Hugo Chavez is akin to Ronald Reagan's meetings with the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

"I say this most respectfully, you're not Ronald Reagan," Giuliani said, adding the Reagan called the Soviets the "evil empire" and pointed intermediate range missiles at them before calling for negotiations. "He made sure this country was negotiating from strength.”

Giuliani defended his Republican credentials, a day after they were attacked by Thompson. Giuliani noted that many of the Republican Jews in the audience were the first in their families, and have been met with resistance. "When they want to know, 'Are you a real Republican?'" he said. "I gave my blood for the Republican Party in New York."

By the way: A wag working for a rival campaign picked up on Giuliani's criticism of George Soros today: “I think that George Soros and is kind of a new low in vicious, politics of personal destruction…Every campaign I’ve ever seen from them has been about personally destroying the Republican".... and points out that Giuliani appointed Soros to a coalition opposing "Anti-Immigrant Forces" in DC.