Rudy Mints Economic Credentials

Ahead of the first major Republican debate of the fall -- a CNBC forum in Detroit with the economy on the agenda - Rudy Giuliani's campaign plans a seven-day blitz to focus attention Giuliani's credentials as an economic conservative.

It starts today with a press release touting the 23 taxes that Giuliani had a hand in cutting, the $9b in taxpayer funds he claims to have had a hand in rebating, and the 17 percent reduction in tax burdens that New Yorkers experienced during his tenure. .

The rest of the week features a mix of press statements on Giuliani's policy proposals, surrogate appearances and "grassroots" announcements along with plenty of contrast-drawing between Giuliani and his opponents. (One bet: the campaign will find a way to mention George Will's praise for Giuliani at least twice.)

On Thursday, the campaign will unveil its "Taxpayers for Giuliani" teams in the January and Feb. 5 primary and caucus states. They'll serve as surrogates and validators for Giuliani at events from now through the beginning of 2008.

The campaign is calling the theme week "Rudy Makes Cents."

By the by: the October 9 debate is Fred Thompson's first, so the Giuliani campaign will pay particular attention to Thompson's resume and record.